I am a qualified architect with international orientation, who believes that our built environment can cohabit by facilitating positive encounters, empower its users, reflect our emotions, and bring us closer to the tranquillity of nature. This is especially a reality in today’s bustling city life.

As an architect I have undertaken various projects, ranging from housing and commercial buildings to spatial installations. Currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I am working for Inbo Architects, primarily focusing on large scale complex housing and educational buildings. Alongside I am working as a free-lancer on a range of different projects.

As an architect this professional journey had brought me very close to many inspiring places and many diverse cultures. Prior to joining Inbo Architects, I worked as an architect/architectural designer at Marlies Rohmer Architecture & Urbanism in Amsterdam, MAD Architects in Beijing, and A&E Architecten in Bunnik. In addition to the above achievements, I have gained experience as a strategic urban planner at the Spontaneous City International (SPcitI) in Amsterdam.

I hold a Master degree in Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences from TU Delft in the Netherlands, with exchange Architecture program achievement obtained in attendance from the Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil, and the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. 

The wide variety of insights, and the fusion of people stories I have experienced, have made me the architect who I am today. I am curious, open minded, cross-cultural and determined to make a positive change.